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August 10, 2021 develops its AI-automated platform under InCubed programme

Posted in GmbH will launch a new AI-automated platform in Europe developed with the support of the ESA InCubed programme and the German Aerospace Centre (DLR) for its next-generation disaster and risk information services. GmbH will deliver a centralised and AI-based platform providing real time and near real time disaster and risk information services. This German-based start-up provides early warning and (geostationary, polar), camera imagery, audio as well as social media sentiment analysis.

The solution, which runs on an agnostic AI fusion engine, will be available for government agencies, international organisations, first responders, insurance and utility for up to 18 disaster types with native language support.’s proposal was selected under the ESA’s programme InCubed Investing in Industrial Innovation with the support of the German Aerospace Centre (DLR), and was kicked-off in July 2021.

The development aims at further enhancing’s disaster management platform and adapting it to the European setting and its neighbouring regions. It also supports the development of additional disaster management products as well as accelerating’s global expansion.

We are delighted that ESA and DLR have recognised our technological edge and potential, and grateful for their continuing support in our global growth out of Europe as we build our platform on the Sendai Framework principles. Our innovations will cater to the nuanced community needs globally, with the support of a community-owned model, as well as scenario-based automated notifications. Climate resiliency is within reach in case of many disasters with a culture shift towards proactive prevention, as opposed to the currently fragmented and highly reactive one. More importantly, in addition to saving lives, property, cultural and natural heritage, it also costs remarkably less to accomplish” states’s Founder and CEO, Kian Mirshahi.

Bertrand Le Saux, ESA Technical Officer, added: “The platform will provide a next-generation, centralised solution to organise a timely and coordinated response to natural hazards. It will leverage real-time satellite imagery and AI-enhanced predictive analytics to provide automated detection, early warning and integrated two-way communication services for various types of incidents.”

After a number of successful global pilots, the team will be releasing its enterprise version of its platform in a partnership with Esri, the Environmental Systems Research Institute. In autumn 2021, the company aims to officially launch its efforts to boost community-based resiliency through various global campaigns.

More information on GmbH InCubed activity can be found here. Real Time Disaster Information Web based Platform in Esri.

To know more: Resilient Europe 2.0,, Linkedin, German Aerospace Centre (DLR)

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