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Resilient Europe 2.0

Data Segment
  • Data Processing & Visualisation
  • Data Analytics, Insights & Applications
The next-generation disaster and risk management service powered by Earth Observation and Artificial Intelligence
Objectives of the Product is a centralised and artificial intelligence based platform providing real time and near real time disaster and risk information services. We provide early warning and two-way communication services within the same ecosystem by leveraging Satellite Imagery (Geostationary, Polar), Camera Imagery, Audio, as well as Social Media Sentiment analysis.

Customers and their Needs
  • Government agencies/organisations dealing with emergencies, humanitarian and development aid
  • (Re-)insurance industry
  • Utility
  • Citizens

Targeted customer/users countries


Product description

A platform powered by a data agnostic AI fusion engine which provides actionable insight for disaster and risk management in real and near real time.

Added Value
  • Real- and near-real time insights, allowing proactivity and ultra-fast reactions (sometimes hours and days before disasters are reported through traditional means)
  • Centralised disaster management (information is consolidated, standardised and localised; from decision-making to execution levels)
  • Several disasters types and management phases covered
  • Dynamic risk management information services (risks profiles for locations are dynamically adjusted through an influx of data and machine learning)

Current Status

The platform is at the verge of commercialisation (in the course of Q3 2021); a few disasters types to be covered, more to follow in the course of the year.

Prime Contractor Company
Germany Flag Germany
Contractor Project Manager
Kian Mirshahi
Address GmbH Robert-Bosch-Straße 7 64293 Darmstadt, Germany
ESA Technical Officer
Bertrand Le Saux

Current activities