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What we are looking for

Are you a startup, small and medium-sized enterprise or large company in one of the InCubed participating states? Do you have an innovative product or service, which with further development could become commercially viable? Do you need a further push for it to be commercialised?

We invite you to submit your idea to ESA

Ideas specifically for InCubed can address any element(s), or any combination of elements within the Earth observation value chain, to deliver an end-to-end system.

World of word
Space Segment
Activities related to any on-board product/service




Ground Segment
Activities related to the ground segment of an Earth observation satellite system

Ground Stations & Mission Management


Ground Networks & Data Distributions

Data Segment
Activities related to management, processing and the use of the Earth observation data

Data Processing & Visualisation


Data Analytics, Insights & Applications

Please also consider that:
  • Universities and research institutes from participating Member States with no commercial interest in the product can apply as part of an industrially-led consortium.
  • Proposals can be from an industrial consortium within one or more participating Member State.
  • Companies or academic institutions from non-participating Member States can be involved in a consortium if they don’t request co-funding (i.e. at zero cost).

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