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Upstream resources

  • Bartolomeo: In orbit demonstration via deployment on the International Space station ~400km altitude, from 12 months, from 3U to ~1m3 , up to 2TB/day, return.
  • SpaceRider: In orbit demonstration via reusable unmanned spaceplane. Various Low Earth Orbits, ~2 months, from 450kg, from 0.8 m3, return.

EO Data Access

Exploitation platforms

Data exploitation platforms. DIAS providers Data and Information Access Service:

Thematic Exploitation Platforms (TEPs). Data and already existing processing chain per application:

Reference data

(to train ML algorithm for example)

Software tools

GIS software:

Other Resources

ML reef is a Machine Learning Operations (ML Ops) platform, aiming to resolve the “data science bottleneck” and the domain knowledge gap. ML reef aims to open the domain of Data Science to non-experts and enables them to relieve the data scientists from major parts of the ML development process. This would remove up to 85% of a data scientists’ workload which can drastically widen the organizations ML Innovation capabilities. 

Companies participating in the InCubed Program are entitled to the following offers: 

  • 90% discount from the licensing during the InCubed program 
  • 10% discount (negotiable) after the completion of the InCubed activity 
  • Standardized 48h response times on technical questions (tech support).
  • Success services and professional services (specially for ML topics). 
  • Provides for users a certification (online or on-premises)

Please contact in case you are interested in their service, specifically stating that you are (will be) part of the InCubed Program.

ESA Advanced Training Course on Land Remote Sensing

10th ESA Advanced Training Course on Land Remote Sensing – EO science for Society

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