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November 18, 2021

ESA Φ-lab and World Food Programme launch joint innovation initiative

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The EO & AI for SDGs Innovation Programme is now open for submissions. Launched by Φ-lab together with the World Food Programme Innovation Accelerator, the initiative aims to find Earth observation and Artificial Intelligence-based solutions to global hunger issues.

In a world where we produce enough food to feed everyone, there are 811 million people – or 10% of the global population – that still go to bed hungry every night. The COVID-19 pandemic, climate change and the complex social-economic landscape only serve to make the situation more dire, but as a counterpoint to this daunting backdrop, advances in space, satellite and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies have radically transformed humanity’s ability to observe and model the Earth’s systems.

This then begs the question of how Earth observation (EO) and AI can help solve global food crises. To find an answer, Φ-lab and the World Food Programme (WFP) Innovation Accelerator are joining forces to launch the EO & AI for SDGs Innovation Programme. The initiative will seek out cutting-edge innovations that use EO and AI technologies to address the challenges that WFP faces in its operations, while striving for business viability and industry leadership.

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