FOREST-2 to deliver thermal-sensing insights to Copernicus

ESA is working with European New Space company OroraTech to demonstrate how data from its temperature-sensing FOREST-2 mission will facilitate the aims of the Copernicus programme.

The Munich-based thermal intelligence specialist was one of nine firms selected as European Emerging Copernicus Contributing Missions (CCMs) in June 2023, following a recruitment drive designed to encourage – and capitalise on – New Space growth in Earth observation. In complement to the Sentinel family, this group of providers will soon supply commercial data to Copernicus to help address key environmental and societal challenges impacting European citizens.

OroraTech was first supported by incubation programmes ESA BIC Bavaria and ESA Kick-Start, and in 2022 was awarded funding from ESA InCubed for the development of its upcoming FOREST-3 CubeSat – all of which served as important stepping stones to the firm joining Copernicus.

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Image courtesy of OroraTech