The next ESA Norway Industry Day is coming

The ESA Φ-lab and the InCubed programme will be presented, together with the Norwegian ESA BIC and the ESA BASS programme, at the Norway Industry Day that will be held on Tuesday 11 May.

All Norwegian companies working in the Earth Observation value chain – from satellites, systems, sub-systems to ground segments and the utilisation of space applications – are welcome to participate in the next Norway Industry Day, which will take place virtually on Tuesday 11 May, starting at 10 CET until 13.00 CET.

Giuseppe Borghi, Head of the Φ-lab, and Amanda Regan, Head of  Φ-lab Invest Office, will give a general overview of the Φ-lab activities and opportunities and of the Investing in Industrial Innovation (InCubed) programme.

Rita Rinaldo, from the Downstream Business Applications Department of the Telecom and Integrated Applications Directorate,  will present the ESA BASS programme together with representatives from the Norwegian ESA BIC with company examples.

Presentations will focus on the Norwegian space economy perspective.

Representatives of companies that are already part of InCubed will provide their experience of working with the φ-lab and InCubed.

If your Norwegian company is interested in Earth observation and would like to attend the Industry Day, please contact Ville Meskus and Ole Morten Olsen.

The event will be held in English.

When: Tuesday 11 May 2021

Where: Online