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October 13, 2021

Φ-week 2021: Enabling EO Platforms session

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Cloud-based EO platforms are an integral element for facilitating the paradigm change in Earth Observation (“bringing the algorithm to the data” et al.). Digital EO platforms are “Enablers” as they can boost the productivity of scientific/commercial users by simplifying the commonly encountered complex EO workflows. Key enabling elements include for example powerful and intuitive analytical operators, scalability of processing operations, efficient pixel-level data access and dynamic allocation of compute resources. The “Enabling EO Platforms” session at the 2021 ESA Φ-Week will showcase some key activities in the EO platforms domain.

First, openEO platform will be introduced by Alexander Jacob (EURAC). It is a highly federated, open-source EO analytics environment that abstracts underlying complexities when extracting value-added information from petabyte-scale data archives. The launch as an operational service will take place during this Φ-week with core deployments in multiple cloud environments (EODC/VSC4, CreoDIAS, TerraScope plus a data federation with SentinelHub/EuroDataCube).

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