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Food Integrity by Earth Observation

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Support food integrity with the aid of EO data and ground data
Objectives of the Product

FIbEO aims at helping product traceability by obtaining yield forecasts to use in verifying product origin and guaranteeing food quality. It also helps to monitor agricultural practices and compliancy with product specifications.

Customers and their Needs

Agri-food industry: checking compliancy of product consigned by outgrowers.

Consortiums: support their member demonstrating compliancy to specifications, improve brand awareness Control bodies: improve check capabilities, speed up compliance certifications.

Targeted customer/users countries

Producers Organization (Consortium), Growers Group-PO; Control bodies-CB, Agri-food industry-AGIND.

Product description

FIbEO makes use EO, field data and scheme rules to produce better yield estimates of raw materials and help cross-checking this information with real consignments. The service shall help creating trustworthy food supply chains and ensure integrity while tracing provenance.

Added Value

(PO) Avoid over consignments, improve growing and profitability for associates, Ensure the compliance to product specifications, Have a more transparent information flow, Improve perceived quality of the product, Enable immediate corrective actions, Track production lots, Reduce certification time; (CB) Reduce time during audits, Automated digital cross-checks; (AGIND) Full traceability, Brand recognition, Immediate corrective actions, Dissuaded misbehaviour, Avoid frauds, Centralised information system.

Current Status

The project has reached its second Milestone. The system architecture has been defined and the service is being released for ESA access with dedicated credentials. Several wineries have been contacted, many have accepted to participate, and their historical data has been collected and organized to take advantage of it in the yield forecast algorithm training. ABACO has organized a meeting in Chianti involving agronomists, data scientists, EO experts, UX/UI experts and Communication professionals in order to tailor a solution whose goal is to address the real needs of the end users, and have a concrete market feedback. Next steps will be to focus on the development of platform services, both on the internal side of the platform and on the external services integration. The first release will be able to provide yield forecasts for viticulture, and a new index enabling agronomists to identify the exact number and position of dead vines in a vineyard.

Prime Contractor Company
Contractor Project Manager
Marco Bonfigli
Piazza Vilfredo Pareto 9, 46100, Mantova
ESA Technical Officer
Piera Di Vito
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