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PV solar energy capacity has grown 41% annually since 2009, with projections suggesting a ten-fold increase by 2040. Geospatial data is crucial for managing generation intermittency, climate change risks, and trade-offs with biodiversity. Existing data inventories lack detail, scope, localization, or updates to meet these needs.
Objectives of the Product

The product offers an asset-level global inventory of commercial, industrial, and utility-scale PV installations. It enriches data with generating capacity, installation date, historic land cover, and proximity to protected areas and indigenous lands. This aids in understanding global land-cover patterns and facilitates decision-making regarding renewable energy deployment, considering factors like land use and political acceptability

Customers and their Needs

The product targets various users including policymakers, land planning authorities, and market intelligence companies in the renewable energy industry. Policymakers utilize the data to align renewable energy policies with national goals and ensure effective design. Land planning authorities benefit from detailed maps of installed PV capacity for informed decision-making on land allocation and environmental impact management. Market intelligence companies use the datasets for strategic decision-making and market insights. User needs encompass an asset-level overview, precise location, plant outline for size assessment and land impact evaluation, installation year, and identification of land types utilized for solar deployment. Challenges entail maintaining data accuracy, accessibility, and relevance to diverse user requirements, while addressing market demand and regulatory compliance.

Targeted customer/users countries

Policymakers, market analysts, land developers, land originators, environmental analysts, researchers. Global scope.

Product description

SolarEye applies computer vision on Sentinel-2 imagery to detect commercial and utility-scale solar PV installations on a global scale. By back-tracking Sentinel-2 imagery, SolarEye is capable of enriching the asset-level data with the year of installation and land type replaced in favor of solar PV.

Added Value

SolarEye brings value to users by delivering asset-level data that includes key metadata such as installation date, size, and historic land use.

Current Status

The project is currently half-way in the derisking phase.

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Norway Flag Norway
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Fredrik Moger
Bergerveien 22
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ESA Technical Officer
Albin Lacroix

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