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Multispectral data with enhanced revisit frequency to enable new applications

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The Multispectral Companion Mission (MSCM) is one of two main constellations that Aerospacelab is developing to enhance efficiency across sectors and make geospatial intelligence actionable and affordable. MSCM aims at complementing Copernicus EO products with a constellation of small multispectral satellites.
Objectives of the Product

Aerospacelab’s vision is to provide a daily global coverage, high quality multispectral data product by operating a constellation of own innovative satellites. A key concept is the seamless interoperability with existing and future Sentinel-2 data products.

Customers and their Needs

Sentinel-2 data is suitable for a wide range of use cases and commercial applications. While exploring the geospatial downstream market, Aerospacelab discovered that revisit was a stringent bottleneck, hindering a lot of potential applications – especially in agriculture where the 5 days revisit can translate into weeks without data due to cloud induced coverage disruptions.

Satellite imagery users are waiting for a data product combining the high quality of Sentinel-2 with high revisit rate.

Targeted customer/users countries

Three main types of users will benefit from MSCM data products:
1. European institutions
2. Private commercial companies, including:
– Value-Added Services providers
– Large scale commodity traders/producers and financial services providers
3. Other Sentinel-2 users including Non-Governmental Organizations, institutions, or research centers.

Product description

From the MSCM constellation, Aerospacelab intends to deliver the following products to users, through a User Portal:

MSCM data, archive and fresh, disseminated to the users in:
– Level 1C
– Level 2A

This data is provided through subscriptions to the users, among which private companies delivering crop management services. Or through ad-hoc requests for specific use cases.

Added Value

Aerospacelab aims at offering a data product of quality comparable to Sentinel-2 products, with daily global coverage and additional bands. It will be seamlessly interoperable with Sentinel-2 data from the user’s perspective, with an affordable pricing, enhancing current models and enabling new applications.

Current Status

MSCM officially kicked off in December 2020 and is reaching System Requirement Review in May 2021.

Prime Contractor Company
Belgium Flag Belgium
Contractor Project Manager
Benoît Deper
9, rue André Dumont - 1435 Mont-Saint-Guibert - Belgium
ESA Technical Officer
Alan Le Priellec

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