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Sentinel-1 analysis-ready data layers for B2B and B2G users

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Making Sentinel-1 data very easy to use. KappaOne is a set of analysis ready data (ARD) layers derived from Sentinel-1. It makes the most of Sentinel-1 data in terms of professional calibration, thermal noise removal and speckle suppression. KappaOne stands for ideally one click or one API command integration and use in a long list of end-user applications. The user can focus solely on its business problem and does not have to worry about SAR data pre-processing while taking maximum advantage of the dense time series of Sentinel-1 backscatter and coherence data layers.
Objectives of the Product

Make a list of six Sentinel-1 analysis ready data (ARD) products very easy to use for both human visual and machine-readable form. The ideal is either one click or one API command integration and use. Make the most of Sentinel-1 input data with state-of-the-art calibration, thermal-noise removal, and speckle suppression. The S1 ARD products are targeted for several governmental and business users to help them in certain use cases as a useful input for analysis or to provide an end-user service.

Customers and their Needs

1) EO, ICT and GIS companies as service providers for a various end-user services
2) governmental users
3) farm management software (FMS) providers

1) Need to integrate and use satellite imagery quick and easy
2) The models serving an end-user require well-calibrated and high-quality SAR data
3) End-users require frequent updates about their AOIs
4) End-users require imagery with high spatial resolution

Targeted customer/users countries

European, American, and Asian countries.

Product description

Sentinel-1 Analysis Ready Data (ARD) layers:
1. Time series of parcel-level statistics of VH and VV backscatter, VH/VV backscatter ratio, VH and VV 6-day repeat pass coherence (parcel min, max, mean, median, standard deviation)
2. Calibrated high-resolution VH and VV coherence rasters
3. Calibrated high-resolution VH and VV backscatter and VH/VV ratio rasters
4. Multi-polarisation backscatter image for visual use as a WMS service
5. Synthetic Sentinel-2-like natural colours image based on Sentinel-1 data, using modern AI-modelling tools
6. Synthetic NDVI-like raster based on Sentinel-1 and -2 time series with AI-modelling

Easy to use ideal is to make satellite image accessible with one click or one API command (e.g. switch on the satellite WMS/WCS layer in your web/desktop GIS and data mining, machine learning frameworks). All the data layers will have state-of-the-art calibration, thermal noise removal and speckle suppression.

Added Value

The pre-processing burden of SAR data is taken away. A lot of EO, GIS and ICT companies and government institutions are not SAR experts, but they would benefit a lot from SAR data if it were provided in analysis ready format.

Current Status

Contract is signed. The project runs from October 2021 to October 2023. We have pre-purchase deals with four users, who have ordered the developed data layers for 95 000 € for 2022. The development has started and first customers are served in March 2022.

Prime Contractor Company
KappaZeta Ltd
Estonia Flag Estonia
Contractor Project Manager
Tanel Tamm
Kastani 42, 50410 Tartu, Estonia
ESA Technical Officer
Sveinung Loekken

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