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Icon are mindful of needs emerging from ELMS/CAP and, in partnership with ESA, are currently developing an Open Source “Hands-Free Monitoring” Platform for integration with existing workflows.
Objectives of the Product

HubCAP is an ‘Application Platform’ for the agriculture and environmental sectors. It is based on Copernicus data and the SEN4CAP toolkit, making it a highly flexible system.

The objective is about aligning with a new paradigm in land Cover and Use determination using the use of satellite imagery that has been enabled by the move from an artisanal process to an automated workflow-based provision of information.

This will free up trained and capable technicians to provide analysis and information rather than just simple image-based products making the end user experience easier and more tailor made.

Customers and their Needs

HubCAP is a robust and simple platform through which Government Agencies, (especially CAP, non-CAP Paying Agencies and Environmental Agencies) and

commercial users may access the benefits of Sentinel data in a fully supported, legally recorded and compliant manner. These customers are always in constant need of custom land monitoring as Europe has a wind range of types of lands and therefore different monitoring needs.

Targeted customer/users countries

All European countries

Product description

The HubCAP service consist of three modules, each with a differing start point:

1. IACS Module Which will be the Paying Agency existing interface for CAP, users which they will modify to consume HubCAP information
2. EO Module Based upon results of other activities (SEN4CAP, DIAS).
3. Bureau Module Based on a validated user concept and other activities (IACS)

Added Value

The HubCAP service is:

Simple – with a comprehensive API for monitoring via direct integration with existing administration systems.
Wide – has an advanced Dashboard for conducting bespoke ad-hoc local analyses.
Verification – Offers and supports integrated ‘geo-photo’ and other forms of verification where required.
Supported – Is fully supported and be very customer focused.
Transaction Certified – each classification ‘transaction’ is fully recorded and certified showing the algorithm version and image sets used.

Current Status


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The Icon Group
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Con Costello
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Patrick Griffiths
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