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Deepview uses space technology to strengthen monitoring and evaluation, supplier engagement and progress reporting on the traceability and sustainability performance of agricultural commodity supply chains.
Objectives of the Product

Deepview is an actionable agricultural commodity supply chain risk service, based on Copernicus and contextual supply chain data) that assist organizations to

  • Monitor progress towards commitments such as zero deforestation, and make its supply chain more transparent;
  • Act proactive on risk in the supply chain to reduce PR and financial risks;
  • Make better investment and sourcing decisions, towards more sustainable supply chains.

The service developed as part of the activity shows how deforestation risk propagates through the whole value chain, including mapping the complex relationships between producers, traders and consumer good manufacturers. With a risk analysis of this granularity companies can pinpoint the high risk organizations in their supply chain and are able to engage more targeted, while also being more transparent on what is happening and where.

The solution can be easily scaled to other commodities. The main focus of Deepview is on deforestation risk in the palm oil supply chain of the larger traders and consumer goods companies.

Deepview dashboard showing deforestation free status of a supply chain (visualizing dummy data)

Customers and their Needs

The targeted users (Consumer Goods Companies and large traders) have the following needs:

  • Need for more timely updates to improve engagement, and mitigate potential PR risks
  • Need for solutions at scale to assess their entire supply chain
  • Need for solutions which are easy-to-use and easy-to-understand
  • Need for prioritized information to better plan investments and prevent information overload
  • Need for transparent commodity supply chains to make better investment decisions and improve engagement

Targeted customer/users countries

Deepview is a service that covers global agricultural commodity supply chains.

During the activity the main focus is on deforestation risk in the palm oil supply chain of the larger traders and consumer goods companies. Demonstrations are carried out for the palm oil supply chain in Indonesia and Malaysia.

Deepview is now in the commercial phase with global coverage for the palm oil supply chain and will be expanded to a large number of commodities like cocoa and soy.

The coverage of Deepview as of January 2022 is shown below.

Product description

Satelligence developed and is continuously improving (as market needs are expanding and evolving) their Smart Forest and Commodity Analytics service to address sustainability related challenges of organisations in commodity value chains:

  • Where is deforestation happening in my area right now?
  • Which of my investment  & sourcing areas are at risk?
  • What is the performance of my plantations?

With Deepview Satelligence wants to add more value than only focusingon the risk and performance of the production areas of soft commodities: we model and map how that risk and performance propagates through and affects soft commodity value chains (typically producer, trader, consumer goods manufacturers, retailers).

To carry out a Supplier / Mill / Concession supply chain risk analysis for any organization active in the supply chain, based on approaches common in industry. To get there, we need three major parts:

  1. Real time deforestation data (based on Copernicus data and science-based algorithms)
  2. Supply chain linkage data model (geographic locations and attributes of supply chain entities like mills, traders, manufacturers, retail and their linkage; to be collected)
  3. A risk propagation model that a) connects deforestation data to the supply chain model and b) calculates how that risk is propagated through the supply chain.

“With  our database of concessions and farms, mills and refineries, and trade linkages (Traceability to Plantation (TTP), exports), we can profile supplier risk and supplier performance to the farm or aggregate level (group, district, cooperative) and tell you if and how a deforestation alert is linked to a supply chain.”

Added Value

Companies want to assess the risks in their supply chain and find out who is responsible. With a mill / supplier / concession risk analysis companies can pinpoint high risk organizations in their supply chain and are able to have more targeted engagements, while also being more transparent on what is happening and where.

Current Status

The following activities have been undertaken as part of the activity:

  • Outreach to target users
  • Service design (UI/UX)
  • Start with development web-application
  • Feedback sessions web-application with target users
  • Iterative approach to improve the web-application
  • Launch of Deepview mvp
  • Signing of first Deepview contract
  • Development of marketing materials
  • Investigating and start of implementation Deepview for cocoa, soy
  • Launch of Deepview commercial service.

The activity was successfully concluded on December of 2021.

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Netherlands Flag Netherlands
Contractor Project Manager
Nanne Tolsma
Maliebaan 22, 3581 CP Utrecht, The Netherlands
ESA Technical Officer
Frank Martin Seifert

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