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EO PLUG-IN – A paradigm change for Earth observation integration in the agro-food industry

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  • Data Processing & Visualisation
  • Data Analytics, Insights & Applications
  • Product Development
EO PLUG-IN is the first activity under ESA’s InCubed programme providing an innovative and fast response system that answers several critical demands along the agro-food value chain. For example, there are various issues in the Netherlands potato sector including losses during breeding and logistics, control capacities for productions and trading, and development of new markets. EO PLUG-IN bridges the gap between Earth Observation (EO) and the agro-food sector, supporting public and private actors throughout the entire global potato value chain.
Objectives of the Product

The product is an end-to-end system providing access to specialised EO information streams allowing the agro-food industry to easily ‘plug-in’ and integrate this information in their workflows. The system provides a set of initial customer facing services including:

  • Crop growth information
  • Meteorological information and analysis
  • Soil moisture information
  • Potato disease risk assessment
  • Crop type classification
  • Yield estimation and forecasting

Customers and their Needs

EO PLUG-IN services are tailored to different customer segments and developed in partnership with customers. These customers cover distinct elements of the end-to-end potato supply chain, and engage with major specialist suppliers such as growers and processors.

Targeted customer/users countries

Benelux and selected locations in Eastern Africa.

Product description

The EO PLUG-IN system and its features are strategically designed as a system enabling users to derive any number of solutions, guided through online based step-by-step implementation workflows for establishing specific API data streams.

A dashboard for demonstration purposes was also developed and is provided to specific customers.

From EO Data towards value-added ‘plug-in’ services for the agro-food industry.

Added Value

EO PLUG-IN provides the following added value to customers:

  • Near-real time, fully remote, and during season indication on the development and stress level for a large number of potato fields
  • An indication on potential yield
  • Less field sampling resulting in higher efficiency as well as lower travel and labour costs

Current status

The EO PLUG-IN system is operational and a set of services are already offered to individual customers. An improved vitality indicator is currently being developed with in-situ field data. A GeoVille subsidiary company – Geo4A – was founded and is based in the Netherlands in close proximity to the market and is in constant exchange with existing and potential new customers.

EO PLUG-IN overview

Prime Contractor Company
Austria Flag Austria
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Netherlands Flag Netherlands
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Contractor Project Manager
Dr. David Kolitzus
GeoVille, Sparkassenplatz 2, 3rd floor, A - 6020 Innsbruck, Austria

+43 (0)512 562021-12

ESA Technical Officer
Alice Barthe

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