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Smarter Mapping and Monitoring of Water Quality

Data Segment
  • Data Analytics, Insights & Applications
  • De-risking
EOSmart delivers the most convenient online access to aquatic data with tailored, smart EO based services, allowing visualization, analysis and reporting at the push of a button.
Objectives of the Product

Going further than just producing water quality data, the EOSmart solution is capable of transforming global water quality data into actionable information. This massively simplifies data access for water managers, allowing them to condense data to business-relevant information and integrate EO-based measurement in routine operations.

Customers and their Needs

Customers start to include data sources such as remote sensing data, but need to manage the increasing data volumes up to analysis and reporting in a more efficient way.

Targeted customer/users countries

EOSmart is useful for customers all across the globe, as the smart analytics and services are location independent.

Product description

The EOsmart product and services are tailored water quality information on global scale from novel very high to high spatial and temporal resolutions, served in the most automated and customer-oriented way through a commercial online platform.

Added Value

A key to success is that EOMAP co-creates this solution with global players of the market sectors.

Current Status

EOSmart was successfully kicked-off on first of October 2021. The first progress meeting will be held in January 2022. So, watch out for novel water quality data readily available at your fingertips.

Prime Contractor Company
Germany Flag Germany
Contractor Project Manager
Fabian von Trentini and Eva Haas
EOMAP GmbH & Co. KG, Castle Seefeld | Schlosshof 4a, D-82229 Germany
ESA Technical Officer
Piera Di Vito

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