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Service-oriented AI factory for EO solutions

Data Segment
  • Data Analytics, Insights & Applications
  • Product Development
We develop customized solutions using earth observation (EO) data and artificial intelligence (AI) tools by employing existing modules of the AI4EO Solution Factory.
Objectives of the Product

We combine EO data and AI tools in order to identify new business cases and develop customized solutions. The AI4EO Solution Factory is a knowledge base and module repository that allows us to re-use expertise and software throughout the development process.

Customers and their Needs

Potential customers are active in one of the many application areas of EO data, such as agriculture, forestry, fishery, natural disaster forecasting/ monitoring and urban planning. They have a problem statement and are looking for solutions based on EO data and AI tools. Our team will develop a business case around this problem statement and develop a solution jointly with employees from the customer.

Targeted customer/users countries

Due to the geographical closeness we focus on European customers, but are also open to customers from outside the EU.

Product description

The AI4EO Solution Factory is a collaborative environment between specialists from DFKI and domain experts from our customers. With the AI4EO Solution Factory we enhance the visibility of EO solutions and provide our AI and EO expertise to our customers, thereby enabling them to discover and exploit new business cases. The central mechanism for the products of the AI4EO Solution Factory is to combine the domain knowledge of our customers with our AI and EO expertise to develop AI-based algorithms for information extraction from satellite images. We develop custom-made solutions in close collaboration with our customers and then reuse the underlying building blocks for additional products of the AI4EO Solution Factory. This approach of reusing the underlying building blocks while providing specialized solutions for each of our customers enables us to provide AI4EO solutions for all kinds of business cases and small, medium and large companies as well as public entities alike.

Added Value

The Solution Factory marries the latest cutting-edge AI technologies with EO data to tackle identified problems within different areas of commercial focus. The key innovation is our Transfer Lab approach, where we directly involve employees of our customers in the product development. This close collaboration ensures that the developed products are a perfect fit for the customer’s business case and helps to build trust with the customers. 

Current Status

We are developing a product for agricultural yield prediction together with BASF, John Deere and Munich Re.

We have collected ground truth data from combine harvesters and are happy to announce first promising results for yield predictions in Germany and Southern America.

Prime Contractor Company
DFKI – German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence
Germany Flag Germany
Vision Impulse GmbH
Germany Flag Germany
Contractor Project Manager
Marlon Nuske
Trippstadter Str. 122 67663 Kaiserslautern Deutschland
ESA Technical Officer
Nicolas Longepe

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